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The present IT environment is in a dynamic fluid state with new architecture, technology, processes, and choices introduced continuously. When your company has unique needs that cannot be addressed by a packaged application, or when there is no ready made package available to meet its requirements, BAAANET IT Inc. presents custom application development solutions to fill the gap.

BAAANET IT Inc. offers the right combination of technical expertise and domain knowledge to address enterprise needs effectively. We partner with our customers and give high priority to accountability, compliance, collaboration, and project management for successful business outcomes.

BAAANET IT Inc. was founded by a group of like-minded and vision driven individuals packed with enthusiasm and zeal to be partners of choice in the information technology domain. This goal is achieved by helping our clients grow their businesses by consistently delivering value for money, providing ingenious innovation, daring dedication, and ultimately roaring results. BAAANET IT Inc. client base includes small and medium sized companies and we are driven with a mission to:

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  • Before we engaged Baaanet, IT problems were a constant headache. We no longer have to wait long hours for a problem to be solved.

  • This system works and is helping us improve care.Really happy with this solution…



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